Air Popped Vs. Microwaved Popcorn

The use of popcorn dates back thousands of years and has been discovered in different parts of the world ranging from New Mexico to Peru. It also happened to be a part of religious ceremonies for the Incas, the Aztecs and the Mayans. In fact, the Europeans only discovered popcorn after they had visited these lands and were shown by the Natives.

If we look into how maize turns into popcorn, the process is pretty simple. It basically involves heating up the kernel. Now, the kernel naturally has about 14% of water in it, so when it is heated at a high temperature, the water turns into steam, and this ends up creating a pressure, causing the husk of the kernel to split only for a white sticky liquid to come out and then instantly solidify into the white mass which we call popcorn. The only reason we happen to have unpopped popcorn in our bags is usually because either heat has not been distributed evenly or there was a problem in the moisture content of the kernel.

It was much later that popcorn became a commercial snack, but when it comes to debating between the traditional air popped corn or microwaveable popcorn, then the answer depends on the corn. Microwaveable popcorn is usually the commercially available, flavored popcorn that is full of chemicals and fats that are not good for you. However, you can make healthy microwaveable popcorn as well if you place plain kernel in a brown paper with a masking tape. Similarly, you can make air popped popcorn on your stove and it’s healthy for you as well. Ultimately, what you really want to avoid is the pre-packaged popcorn kits because they are the ones that are full of chemicals and extra calories you do not need.