Buying a Toilet: What to Be Wary of

A lot of us seem to be of the impression that buying a toilet is a pretty straight-forward job, and all we have to do is go to our closest home depot and grab the one that seems to blend with our interior and doesn’t cost us an arm or leg. However, there is a lot more to buying the right toilet, because if you get the wrong one, you will end up spending the next 10 years with a bad toilet, and given how frequently we use them, it is not an ideal option. Rather than telling you what to look for, I will tell you what to be wary of instead, and in case you are looking for more comprehensive views, model-wise, you should check out for their reviews.

  • A lot of us are tempted to buy the toilet with the custom seat and other fancy specs, however, you should avoid them. This is because their parts are not only impossible to find, they are also really expensive to get fixed.
  • A pressure-assisted toilet is a pretty great option since it has great flushing action and prevents clogs, however, they have a really noisy flusher, which is less than ideal. So, try to avoid models and types that happen to have really loud flushers.
  • A slamming toilet lid can be a huge annoyance especially in the middle of the night or when you have children using it as well, so try to avoid those. You should instead, opt for a slow-drop seat.
  • Avoid toilets that are longer than the standard 15inch because they can be uncomfortable for everyone’s use, especially if you have children or elders with mobility issues using the same toilet as well, so stick to the standard height.