Cosmetic vs. Plastic

A lot of people seem to think that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are one of the same things. This is because a lot of plastic surgeons actually actively choose to work just in cosmetic surgery and this has helped make both words interchangeable with one another.  However, there is a difference between what qualifies as cosmetic surgery and what qualifies as plastic surgery. So while both of these terms are related to each other quite closely, they are not the exact same. In this article we will be differentiating between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

The first main difference between the two is what they are hoping to achieve. So while they are both surgical methods that are there to enhance the human body is one way or another, there are differences in their techniques, philosophies, and their final goals for what they are trying to achieve. Starting with cosmetic surgery, the point is and has always been to improve the way a person looks aesthetically. Improving the visual appeal an individual has, bringing in better proportion in their body and face shape, and making sure there is symmetry in their looks. Cosmetic surgery can be practiced anywhere on the human body and can be practiced by a number of different types of doctors. The things surgery is done on already function properly in cosmetic surgery.

In plastic surgery the main aim is to fix a defect of some sort, and make it so the body functions normally for a person. It is reconstructive in nature and tries to fix problem areas for a person. Plastic surgery is done only by a plastic surgeon and not by doctors of other fields. Dr. Nicolette is one of the top plastic surgeons serving Pretoria if you need a good recommendation for plastic surgery.