Dress Well But Dress Comfortable

A man’s attire says pretty much everything about him before he can even start talking. Yes, you might say that you shouldn’t judge a man by what he looks like but in a formal setting, the first impression is often the last impression and the only way to make a good impression is to be dressed nicely. By nicely we mean that you should follow the dress code that everyone else has agreed upon – it’s just good manners.

Dressing well means wearing clean and seamlessly ironed clothes but that’s not all; everything you wear has to be in a theme as well. For instance, your shoes and your belt should always be in one colour and that one colour has to look great with the rest of your outfit. There are many rules about dressing well but we’re not here to discuss those, we’re here to discuss what the most comfortable dress shoes for men are.

Dress shoes are usually well polished and shiny but not all of them are exactly comfortable; just like how women wear high heels that are very uncomfortable but they look good, men also wear uncomfortable dress shoes just because they look good but that needs to change. If you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes for half of your day, you’re basically just asking for all kinds of foot problems.

You can make your dress shoes infinitely more comfortable by adding softer insoles in them, if you’ve already made the mistake of buying uncomfortable shoes then you can do this to make them better. However, if you haven’t yet bought dress shoes yet then you should start looking for the most comfortable dress shoes for men right now so you can be happy with what you buy.