Google vs. Facebook: Who Advertises Better?

Back around the year 2014, Google claimed that they were making a whopping 22% higher revenue each year, just by selling advertisements. Google sells a variety of products, all very well received and leading thee markets but they also bring us the benefit of many services that we get to use for free. Google’s search engine has long since out-rivalled every other search engine we knew. Google map’s is our standard means of navigating around during our commutes.

Basically, we can’t really live without Google anymore and that’s okay since Google’s not going anywhere and with all the money they generate from ads alone, they don’t even need to start charging us for their services. Basically, every app developer, local business and user will all benefit from Google’s ads.

Ad content is also getting more and more relevant each year; if you think about it, you only see ads that you’re actually interested in seeing these days. Most of Google’s ads are displayed on the web while Facebook is focusing all their advertising efforts on mobile phones instead. These days, most users of Facebook only log on to the platform using the Facebook mobile app, so it does kind of make more sense for them to advertise on the app instead.

If you want to learn more about where Facebook and Google stand as far as advertisements go, you can check out Trinity Insight. Here you will learn about what Google is losing and what Facebook is gaining along with a few insights about what the future of advertisements might hold for the two Giants. At this point, it makes a lot of sense for us to know about these things since we all use Facebook and Google’s apps.