How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Fresh

Artificial grass is pretty great. You get to have the look and feel of an actual lawn without having to do most of the work that is required to actually grow or take care of it. So, no weeding, no mowing and no watering whatsoever are required. Artificial grass nowadays can mimic the look and feel of real grass really well, so no one can tell that it is artificial immediately, and that again plays into your advantage.

It also has a relatively long lifespan going from 15 up to 25 years when taken care of properly. So yes, artificial grass will also require some maintenance and upkeep, but thankfully not as much as real grass does. For some tips of maintaining your artificial grass, you can keep on reading below.

  • Always look out for stains. Be it food stains, color stains or stains caused by anything else and be sure to remove it as quickly as you can because if the stain is left untreated, it will stick permanently to your grass. You can find charts on dealing with different kinds of stains on artificial grass online.
  • You also want to rinse out your artificial grass at least once a month so that you can get rid of any dust, dirt or debris that might accumulate on top of it and dull its overall green color.
  • You also want to brush your artificial grass. Make sure to cross brush against the grain when you are brushing your artificial lawn so that you can get rid of any buildup, and at the same time, the cross brushing motion allows the grass to stay separated and clean, so they will not start matting up over time. By repeating this process you can ensure that your artificial lawn continues to stay green and fresh looking.