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The short and sweet story of our home. Nick and I bought this pre-1900s farm home in 2004. We I thought we'd rip out carpet, take down wallpaper, paint, and install new light fixtures and then we'd live happily ever after in our pretty little country home. Well, I was wrong, very wrong. The day I knew I was so wrong, was when I came home to a kitchen with no walls. I left early one Saturday morning while Nick was removing the awful wallpaper in the kitchen, later that day I came home to a kitchen floor full of plaster and dust, and no walls. When he started to remove the wallpaper, he found painted wood paneling on top of plaster. So down it came.

From that day forward, every inch of our house has been renovated. We even redesigned the floor plan of the front portion in order to make a larger master suite with a beautiful bathroom and walk-in closet (large closets are not common in old farm homes, for obvious reasons). This house was built new from the inside out. All new electrical, all new plumbing, all new flooring, new walls, new everything!

It was a crazy and intense project, that Nick did 95% of on his very own. From it our love for home renovation continues to grow. We had many arguments and our patience for one another was constantly tested. From this home project our marriage grew stronger and Guehne-Made was formed. This home has prepared us to not only be compassionate, but purpose-driven & integrity based, to our clients.

Our home was featured in the Kansas City Home & Garden's magazine >>> here

Our home was featured in 435 South magazine >>> here

Here is the home tour. Check back often as we are constantly changing things around our abode.

If you happen to have questions, in regards to the renovation or products shown, please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll respond as soon as possible.

[My favorite room to relax. The master bedroom. The walls are Benjamin Moore Forget-Me-Not with Benjamin Moore Lambskin on the ceiling.]

[The mirror is from a local antique store. The headboard and nightstands were custom built by Nick & available in our Esty shop. The nightstands were painted the same color as the walls. The clawfoot tub was refurbished by a local man. The painting above the tub is from a shop in Florida called Exit Art.]

[A painting by me on the bookcases Nick built.]

[The XO glitter print is available in our Etsy shop.]

[This chair means so much to me. It used to be in my grandma's master bedroom. I had it reupholstered by Chris Moore out of Kansas City.]

[The vintage angels are treasures from my grandma.]

[The living room ceilings are quite special to us. The wood flooring was actually salvaged from the original floor in our home. They are over 100 years old. Nick sanded each piece and re-stained them before putting them on our ceiling.]

[The beautiful architectural detail in this room was handcrafted by Nick. The bookcases are quite popular.]

[The french doors & transoms between the master bedroom and living room allow all the natural light to flood into each space.]

[Paintings by Wen Guehne]

[I love to have fresh flowers in vases throughout the home. Warm candles make it feel cozy and inviting.]

[A view from the front porch into the master bedroom.]

[The master bath and my favorite place to go after a long day.]

[The Grace painting used to hang in my grandparents home and I feel so fortunate to have it on my walls now. The white kitty cat was made by my grandma.]

[The master bath vanity was built by Nick.]

[My pretty little mess.]

- photos above by the lovely ladies with Bright Umbrella Photography 

[The blue sunroom with my art on the walls.}

[Nick's bathroom with blue ceilings.]

[Custom built vanity by Nick.]

[A special painting I made for my sister.]

[It wouldn't be a home tour without Mrs. PB looking out the upstairs bedroom window.]

[A view down the hallway with the amazing custom woodworking and blazing poppies wallpaper from Anthropologie.]

[The Guehne-Made office. You can see more here.]

[Kansas City artwork on my nightstand. See the full post here.]

- photos above by Mrs. Guehne-Made

- photos above LIVE from Instagram


  1. Wendy, your home tour is one of the best I've ever seen! Wow! You have such terrific style, and I love the colors throughout. Do you know the paint colors you used in your master bathroom (the turquoise ceilings and walls)? I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you're interested!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful home! I love your color choices and all the wonderful details. You can tell this home was handcrafted with love. I popped over from Involving Color blog. The wood ceiling is amazing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. It's truly inspiring:)


  3. Hi Shavonda…thank you for the sweet note…it was a labor of love and it's heartwarming to see that others are inspired by it. Thanks for stopping by our website. I'll head on over to yours now.

  4. Oh my goodness. I need to live here. Absolutely beautiful! All the cohesive artwork, the blue, the white, the pale pink, the gorgeous wallpaper! I am in love.

  5. Hi Kae Rose! Thank you dear, glad you enjoyed the tour. Cheers!!!

  6. This is one of the best I've ever seen as well. There are nice homes, but one has never appealed to my personal taste as much as yours. You like turquoise and brown. And animal prints. And clean lines. Blues and greens. World market. Anthropologie. Pieces from the 30s and 40s. Dark wood. Books. Glass. Candles. French.
    Does your house face west by any chance?
    I have a project that I need help with, and it's right up your alley; a 1940 Tudor style home. Like you guys, I'm starting with the kitchen. I've been obsessing, and have a pretty strong idea of what I want. But the living room, dining room, and hallway, I'm definitely going to contact you for your e-decorating services.

  7. Hello KJ! Thank you for the very kind note. And YES our house does face west. You have a good eye for detail. Please do contact me when you are ready to start the living room, dining room, and hallway, I'd love to help.

  8. Wow! Wow! What a GORGEOUS home and use of color. I am always so afraid of trying new colors but I'm not now. Where is your bedding from and the sweet dust ruffle?

  9. Wow! Wow! Where is your bedding from and the sweet dust ruffle? Colors are gorgeous in your home.

  10. Hi Carol - thank you! The duvet cover is from Z. Gallerie and the dust ruffle is from Overstock.

  11. I absolutely love your home so much that I am wanting to paint my master bathroom like yours. What were the colors you used for the walls and ceiling?

    1. Hi Alex. Thank you! I still adore the colors too. The walls are Benjamin Moore Forget-Me-Not with Benjamin Moore Lambskin on the ceiling.


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