People in The Know

Navigating the maze that is the accessories of smoking could take a while. For the beginner without much experience it can be much more of hassle. If you’ve never tried smoking before then it’d be a good idea for you to get a cigarette and try puffing that. Many people don’t mind sharing a cigarette so you don’t need to buy a whole box either. It’s just to make sure you get the hang of inhaling and exhaling since if you don’t learn how to do that properly, you won’t be able to make any real use of the various other forms of smoking that there are.

Bongs, pipes and vapes are all different in the way they’re operated. Some bongs make use of water filtration which mean a fresher inhale and pipes can be reused if they’re taken care of. All in all, it comes down to the kind of smoke you want to have. Each pipe and bong satisfy different needs too. Vaping is an easy way to keep with the hobby without exposing yourself to addicting nicotine and it’s been quite helpful in getting others addicted to smoking to quit in a gradual manner.

Throats can easily get irritated from the heat that smoking gives off and it could lead to coughing. If you cough during a smoke, the whole situation can just get worst. Those water filtered wholesale spoon pipes and bongs make that go easier but they also let you inhale a lot more smoke which could get out of hands for the inexperienced smoker. There are various ways to mix and match your tools to your cannabis, bongs aren’t all that easy to clean out when compared to pipes either but they do have some good water filtration in the long run.