Preparing Your Tree For Winters

Winters are an especially difficult or tricky time for most trees and plants. Winters are primarily known as the dormant season for trees and plants since they are not as active and are usually in “rest mode.” A lot of young plants and trees require especially careful handling during this time or else they end up not making it through the winter. Even fully-grown trees require careful handling and preparation for winter. Now you can choose to do these preparations yourself, or you can hire the services of professionals like Williams Pro Tree Services in Perth to take on the task for you.

The first thing you can do is create a ring of mulch in the area of ground around which you suspect the roots to be. The purpose of this mulch is to mostly retain moisture, and to act as a sort of insulator for the roots when the temperature starts dropping to even lower.

The next thing you have to be worried about is critters eating through your trees and plants because that is what normally happens during winters. Since the ground tends to seize up, they move on from grass to wooden chips. The best way to prepare for this problem is to get tree guards. This will keep your tree trunk safe and protected from all sorts of pests and critters.

You branches are also more susceptible to breakage during winters. So, the best way you can prevent damage to your branches and to keep them safe is to get them pruned beforehand so any diseased, damaged or at-risk branches are removed beforehand. This way your trees stay healthy and safe during the colder months as well. An expert opinion on the subject can also help your trees to stay well-maintained and safe during the winters.