The Best Hotdogs in Glasgow

If you are visiting scotland, and glasgow in particular, you will find that food is a big part of the culture here. Scotland has some of the best restaurants and street food carts you will find anywhere in the world. You can find just about any food item in Scotland and the prices and qualities, you will get them at will vary from being regular street side food items to high class restaurants. And the great thing is that not only is the food available to you just regular scottish cuisine, but also food styles and cuisines from all over the world. Glasgow is an amazing place for foodies and you should definitely check out the various restaurants over there if you get a chance to go and visit it. Glasgow is a must visit place for any food lover.

One particular restaurant in Glasgow that caught our eye is the Roosevelt’s bar and kitchen, and you can check them out o make bookings at, which you should go to if you love either Americanised food and also if you like fusion food. A great thing that this restaurant does is that it not only does it make some great american styled food but they also put a very scottish cuisine touch to it in some dishes. Some of their best items have to be the various hot dogs that they have on offer. Very classic styles of american pork frank hot dogs are available as well as some vegan options for those who are not in to eating meat. You can ask for regular pork or haggis infused versions of the food and that gives the food the extra kick to make it something that is very special.