What Kind of Sanders Can You Use For Furniture?

If you have any experience in sanding then you should definitely try sanding furniture but only do it if you are acquainted with the task. The most important thing that you need to understand that any ordinary sander cannot be used for sanding furniture as it is a relatively delicate task as compared to sanding wood, walls or floors.

You can find a furniture sander at any hardware store but you need to know what kind sander you need. Under sanders for furniture, there are further categories which can be used. You need to remember that furniture should be sanded in just the right way with just the right sander or else the bad result will be very much visible.

The three main types of sanders for furniture is sheet, detail and palm sheet sanders. We feel that palm sheet sander is the best for the job but detail sander should also be used to give the perfect finishing touches. One important rule to remember for furniture sanding is that you need to do it with a handheld sander as that will offer you great control and maneuverability that no other sander can offer. It is also better if the sander is rectangle in shape as that is the shape that best suits furniture sanding.

Many furniture pieces are delicate with a lot of curves and edges but those cannot be sanded with a normal sander which is where the detail sander comes into play. As the name suggest, this is the sander that will give you fine details like none other and would work on every surface no matter how tight the fit is. A few model names that come to mind for the job are DEWALT D26441K and Makita BO4556K.