Glass Balustrades: Why They Are Better

There are a lot of different things that you have to consider when you are in the process of building or renovating your house, and out of the many things that you will have to agonize over, your choice of balustrades should be one of the more important ones. Balustrades can be explained as railing, so the railings on your staircase, your porch, balcony and so on. Now, there have been a number of trends that have been coming and going, but one trend that has been growing increasingly popular is glass balustrades.

Glass balustrades, like the name suggests, involves the use of glass panels to act as your border or railing. Now, you can have glass panels with metal or wood around the joints as an added precaution, or you can opt for frameless glass balustrades to have a more seamless look. Now, glass balustrades happen to offer a lot, and we will go through the reasons why they are better below:

  • Glass gives a very sophisticated look and it also creates the illusion of expansion, making the space surrounding it appear bigger and more open than it actually is. Plus, glass allows light to pass through it, so everything is better lit this way as well.
  • The glass that is used for balustrades happens to be very thick and resilient. So, it does not damage easily and this is why they are actually really great in terms of safety contrary to what popular belief might say on the matter.
  • Glass, unlike wood or metal, is not easily damaged or affected by the elements. In fact, there is little maintenance involved as well. All you have to do is make sure the glass is clean, and apart from that, you do not really have to worry about anything else.