The Hijab And Its Cultural Variations

If you are currently new to wearing hijabs and are still trying to figure out what kind of hijab works for you, then you thankfully have a lot of different options to try out. There is clearly no one way to wear a hijab, and you will notice that Muslims all around the world tend to wear the hijab in a number of different ways, so culture has also played a role into how we wear the Muslim garb.

You will find people wearing their hijabs traditionally the way you would see in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East, and then you come across variations throughout different countries. For instance, turban style Hijabs are the norm in countries like Africa, whereas Hijabs with lots of folds and intricate layering can be found in Asia, and tighter and simpler designs will be found amongst Muslims living in the West and so on. So, what I am trying to say here is that there is no set standard that you have to necessarily follow when you are wearing your hijab. So, as long as it is covering your head the proper Islamic way, you can choose to style it however you please.

Now, if you happen to be looking for inspiration, you can find a lot of it online. A lot of these styles require a certain length or shape for the hijab, and you can find them on pages like Hijab New look, websites that are devoted to selling hijabs. In fact, you can check out their FB page to go through their available designs, and check out different videos they share on different ways to wear a hijab and so on, so maybe you will find some sort of inspiration or technique that will work better for you.